Poetry, prose, architecture, music, decorative arts, calligraphy, and passion to jewelry all became signatures of the Ottoman Sultans’ era. Prior to the 19th centurey, the Ottoman rulers were keen on the development of the above mentioned arts in their premises; hence SARAY / Royal Palaces were the exact demonstrations of their passion to arts. Osmanli Oud is representing the whole era of Ottoman Empire thru series of scents, design elements and shapes configured together to form one great fragrance befitting of the name “Osmanli Oud”

Arabic, Persian, and Eastern European styles are actively traced in our collection of patterns and ornaments for the brand skinning purposes; exactly resembling their presence in the Ottoman design trends and dedication for details and perfection. Floral design and Fur fabrication are both becoming our focal design impacts in the making of Osmanli Oud perfume bottles and accessories, taking into consideration the fashion waves that accompanied hundreds of years in clothing Emperors and their mistresses, rulers, and dynasty high-ranked figures.